Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ten Days Straight...

I wish I could say 10 days straight of vacation, or 10 days straight of the beach, or 10 days straight spent with the love of my life..but no.... what I mean is 10 days straight of working. I am somewhere in the middle of a ten day stretch without a day off. It might not seem so bad if the last 3 days of it were not overnight shifts. Alas, they are, and they start tomorrow!
I haven't had much time to do anything in the last week. I find myself getting home from work after midnight and catching up on phonecalls/emails/reading/family in the hours from midnight to 4am which results in my sleeping until midday where upon I shovel in breakfast, shower and get ready to go back to work.
Trying to find ways to unwind at the moment is proving a difficult task! I made myself have a bath a few days ago - light some candles, took my book in and relaxed. I also did some baking... Nutella cookies.. they were yum!!! The recipe made 20 and they were all gone in two or three days.

The BEST chocolate!!!

After a visit to the doctor a few days ago, Jacqueline and I went down to the village and enjoyed a beautiful, crisp evening. When it got dark, we went to Starbucks for a coffee, yummy Mocha, and a slice of cake. When I walk into Starbucks it instantly reminds me of FL!

I'm off to bed to sleep for 12 hours and be ready for tomorrows overnight shift!

Have a good end of the week!

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