Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Search for Inspiration

Is anyone else in need of some inspiration?

A book I am reading at the moment has made me question my motives, my reasons for doing things and has made me realize I spend too much time coasting through life. Most people just do what is expected of them, fulfilling their requests rather than their dreams. It’s so easy to just sit back, and do what you’re supposed to do; fulfil your obligations, letting life guide you, instead of you guiding your own life.
In the middle of my book, just yesterday, I started to question what drives me, what is my inspiration?
Some people find inspiration through music or through beauty. Some people find other people inspire them. This can all be true, but I feel the real inspiration has to come from within. Those other factors can make you question yourself, or kick start you into action but it’s you that has to push yourself and keep that going when the idea of it is not so exciting anymore, and the realization that to get where you want to go may take hard work.

Sometimes your dreams of the future are your inspiration, but that can only get you so far, because as the future draws ever nearer, sometimes those dreams are just as far away as they were at the beginning. Sometimes that is because of choices, but also, sometimes because of circumstances which can’t be changed – linked to this, some people are motivated by God, but sometimes He has different plans, or shorter plans, for some people. That’s why I want to make sure I live life every day to the max. 

At the moment I find myself with SO many things in my head, my mind is racing from the moment I wake up till I fall asleep at night. For example, yesterday, on my day off, I wanted to bake, I wanted to take a bath, I wanted to join a gym, I wanted to buy a jacket and a pair of welly boots, I wanted to visit my Grandma ,I wanted to see my friends ,I wanted to make about 10 phonecalls, and I wanted to hop a flight to Florida, Tunisia, and Poland all at the one time! And the weird thing is, even though I am tired, I feel like I have the energy to do all of those things. 

Coming back to the book (and closing this rant!), it really is becomming clearer to me that not much is impossible. People around you may say it can't or won't ever happen,  but if you find the strength and motivation within, I think everything is achievable. 

Just a thought....

Go and find your inspiration!!! Have a good week ...

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  1. im inspired! :)...which is really saying something as you know with me! really good xxx