Monday, 25 February 2013


This past 3 weeks sick in bed has given me a lot of time to think.
It made me realize time is a funny thing and how easy it is to let life pass you by saying you'll do things 'tomorrow.'
How often do you hear people say "I don't have time" or "when I have time...?"

The past 2 years of my life, I find I want to be constantly busy - to keep my body and my mind occupied.
I find, the more I have to do, the more I want to do- it's like a drug. While, if I have a few quiet days, the less I want to do and the more I will use the " I'll do it tomorrow..." excuse.

Granted, we have 24 hours in a day, and we need to dedicate a few of those to sleeping, we have much more time to do things than we think. Yes, it might require some organization, it might require a bit less sleep, or it might require you to sort out your priorities, but the time is there, if we just look for it - if we want to find it.

While lying down with the room spinning around me, or on those lovely occassions I have spent lately with my head over a bowl, it is then when you need the time of the people you love, and who you hope love you.
You wish, even if at no other time, those people dedicate a bit of their time to you. You hope they have got their priorities right, re-organized what they need to re-organize and sleep just that little bit less in order to make time for you.

How many songs are written about people letting time slip by, without doing/saying them things they meant to say?

In The Living Years -Mike and the Mechanics
Martha -Tom Waits
The One That Got Away- Katy Perry
Nobody Knows - Paul Brady
If Tomorrow Never Comes - Ronan Keating
If Ever You're In My Arms Again -Peabo Bryson
Candle In The Wind-Elton John
To Love You More- Celine Dion

...And these are just from the first page of my YouTube playlist.

There must be some good reason all of these people (and millions more) talk and sing about doing/saying things when they have the chance... and a lot of it begins with finding TIME!

Find the time, and if you can't find it, create it!

So? Why am I writing this?

~Make time to do fun things~
~Make time to share experiences~
~Make time to pick up the phone to someone you miss~
~Make time to reply to emails / texts~
~Say the things you want to say~
~Do the things you have always wanted to do! NOW! ~
~Tell people how you feel when you have the chance, because your chance will not always be there~
~Work hard to keep the people you love close to your life!~

Friday, 15 February 2013

Poland {Part 1}

39. Visit Asia in Poland  {100 Things List}

Living most of the time away from your closest friends isn't fun. You miss out on the girls nights, gossips, spur of the moment coffees, and just calling around for a chat.
But when finally reunited, it's the best feeling!
You realise the months of phonecalls, facebook messages, texts, Viber, Skypes, Whatsapps keep you almost as close as if you lived next door - That you pretty much know all the gossips, have spur of the moment coffees (over skype) and do just call for a chat.


Out for a stroll in the snow - my first time EVER seeing so much {I was pretty over-excited!}

I was trying to do a 'cool' picture of me throwing the snow up in the air...apparently I did not have the correct technique...
Points for trying?? Zero.

And GO! 

I didn't realise how unbelievably painful ones hands get after touching snow in -17C.
So, apart from getting snow in my eyes, hair, and down the back of my jacket, my hands felt like there were knives in them.
Joanne: 0 / Hypothermia: 1 
I'm not one to give up though...


Thankfully, not long before the risk of frostbite would have set in, we arrived at a little log cabin in the middle of the woods.
Relaxing by the fire with a hot chocolate; I felt like I was in a movie!

I told you I wouldn't give up...


Joanne: 0 / Hypothermia: 2

Game over; winner: Hypothermia! 

It was time to go home and defrost!

Have a great weekend everyone

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Monday, 4 February 2013

Beautiful Naples

5th Avenue, Naples

One of my favorite places in the world, a place which holds so many special memories, so many good times and a place, I hope once again to be in my near future.

A street lined with restaurants, wine bars, ice-cream shops, Irish bars, Tapas bars, clothes shops, fairy lights, palm trees and a beautiful beach where the sun sets every evening. Live music on the side of the street, a park around the corner which sometimes holds small events and always an amazing buzz.
Can a place sound more perfect?

By day

Hidden treasure!

How cute!

By night (and with phone!)

See you soon, Naples! I miss you!