Wednesday, 23 November 2011

10 Things I'm Thankful for and 10 Things I'm Hopeful for...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American friends and family!

This is my first year in six that I have been out of the US for this celebration. I remember this time last year, panicking about how we were going to fit everyone into Sale e Pepe for the Thanksgiving Brunch.. but having a lot of fun in the process.. how much I miss those times, the celebrations afterwards,  previous years at university with all the girls, dinners, travels, creating memories. Now, here in Ireland, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, and even though it hasn't been the easiest year, I feel I should give thanks to some people and for some things that have happened to me since Nov 2010...

In no particular order and without getting too mushy...


1. To my sister, Jacqueline, for being the BEST sister a girl could ask for. She is my confident, best friend, and just the most amazing little sister.
2. To the Four Seasons, for welcoming me into an awesome company
3. To my parents, for their love and attempted understanding
4. To my best friends, in particular * , Maggie, Asia, Belu, Lydia, Lorena, Gloriana, Ali, Taoufik and Zied. These people are no ordinary friends; they have become family to me over the years of knowing them. My relationship with each of them is different, and has evolved over the times we spent together, but I have 100% trust in all of them, and love them, and hope they will always feel the same about me
5. To God for my health and the health of most the people in my life
6. To the people around me who have given me the inspiration to better my life in any way possible
7. That I was able to do some traveling (although not enough!)
8. That I visited Disney World a few times (seriously, it's my favorite place!!!!)
9. That I saw my Dutch family after 2 years (And will again in a few weeks:) and reuinted with 2 great friends, Grace and Sofie in London, after so many years apart
10. For the feeling of being 100% and totally in love. (and everything that goes with that)

I read a quote the other day .... all emotions are good. I think that makes sense. If you didn't care about something or someone, you have no emotion... it doesn't matter. When you feel, you know it matters.

Hopes X 10

1. To travel to as many places as possible to visit friends and family, and to experience new places&cultures
2. To accompolish as much as possible from my 100 Things I want to do list...
3.Good health for EVERYONE in my life
4. To move forward in the Four Seasons
5. To  purchase a property
6. ...
7. To be physically and mentally fit
8. To celebrate my best friends wedding (a little after next Thanksgiving, but it's ok..!)
9. To see all of my best friends as much as possible (normally this would be easy, but mine are in every different corner of the world!)
10. ...

There are many many more things I could write in this section, but most of it is covered in my 100 Things list.

What are you thankful and hopeful for??

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Enjoy your day!!


  1. I am thankful for having you as my friend! I love sharing with you and I certainly enjoy been part of your life too!!
    Very nice post girl!! I really like number 4 and number 8 ! hahhaa.....

    I hope to talk to you soon!



  2. Graciasss!!! Te quieroo mucho!!

  3. aww look at my name up in lights :D love you beatrice!!! xxx goretti :) xxx