Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Summertime...And The Livin Is Easy {Florida Part II}

Florida in the middle of summer is's low season which means no traffic, beautiful quiet beaches and heat. We had so many things to do and people to see in such a short time, I need another holiday now to take it easy! It's the best feeling having so many of the people you love in the same place at the same time.

Here were some of the highlights:

A trip to Orlando and to Disney World with the girls

Animal Kingdom with Jacqueline

This was Jacqueline's first time there in about 10 years.
The day was rainy and HUMID but the park wasn't insanely busy so that helped.
We rode ... over and over again as I did with Maggie the year before. SUCH an awesome ride! I am normally a complete chicken when it comes to fast rollercoasters that go upside down so this one was a nice compromise - fast, but none of this upside down business.

We went on a safari, it's pretty much literally a real safari too. We saw elephants, lions, hippos, rhinos, ostryichs, monkeys, wilderbeasts and so many more whose names I couldn't tell you - all just feet from the truck. It made me wonder if those guys carry guns or some sort of weaponry in case of emergency. But I guess, in Disney they couldn't. Maybe the animals train with the Disney Hospitality students how to act around guests!

Magic Kingdom with Jacqueline & Dearbhla

I felt very 'light' that day as I decided not to bring my camera with me. I have been there so many times that I have taken so many hundreds of pictures, I felt that's enough for now. Magic Kingdom was open late that night which is always great - it means when all the children have gone home/watching the fireworks/parade, we could go on a couple of the big rides a few times in quick succession.

As soon as you enter the gates of Magic Kingdom, you feel like a child again. It's a special feeling. I'm not sure if that is just for us, as we have so many memories there from when we are children, or if that is the same for everybody.

Dearbhla's first ride- It's A Small World...we broke her in gently! Look of terror!

Naples 5th Av. beach for the sunset. of my favourite places ever

A mini reunion with Gloriana and Liset

Gloriana had come from Mexico for a short visit. It was amazing to see her. Between best friends, distance is nothing - the relationship never changes, only gets stronger.
Next time, it will be a trip to Mexico that will bring us together.
And hopefully a trip to Rome soon to reunite with Liset!

A visit to Marco
...and to my parents for lunch by the pool. It was my first time back to Marco Island in quite some time - it was so nice to be back.

Dad on BBQ duties!

Lunch time!

Ahhh lunch!

Such a good day! 

More pictures soon...

Have a good week!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

A Day On Key Largo {Florida}

One of the best part of this summer's vacation was our trip to Key Largo and Islamorada where we went snorkelling in the most beautiful water {Snorkelling Pics}, swam with one of my everyone's favourite animals, took a boat trip, and wandered around a small wildlife park.

We left Naples early in the morning with a full tank of gas and empty tummies. What does that mean? Sweets time! We stocked up the car and got on the way.

The first place we hit when we arrived was Theatre of the Sea. My two travelling companions were very patient with me while I took 100s of pictures everywhere we went.

Such a pretty place

We remembered this little guy from the last time we were there years ago. He had part of his shell broken out in the wild and needed to be rescued - he swims around with his own personalised life jacket.

This is his buddy

Love parrots! Love the colours!

Camera shy!

A certain someone was so upset there were no alligator sightings all the way on the slightly deceitfully named Alligator Alley. All eyes were on the side of the road for the 70 mile journey and not one gator spotted. To make sure there were no tears, we met this guy:

And here are some of his miniature buddies

After a busy busy day, it was time to go home. I stopped at the gas station and let the two of them go in and get some sweets. You should have seen what came back out.
I also think both feared for their lives in that gas station - maybe they thought the BIG GULP and giant packet of Cheetos were going to be their last requests.
Needless to say, everyone made it out alive, including the giant sized drink and obscene packet of cheetos. 
With orange stained fingers and I am guessing full bladders, we arrived back to Naples late that night and were ready for bed.

One of the most awesome days in a long time!