Monday, 21 November 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Yep... Fall is over and winter has begun.. and we know what that means...Christmas isn't far away! It's still surprisingly NOT cold. Everyone has warned me of the snow from last year, and the havoc it played, but I'm still waiting for it to get even remotely snowy. I'm secretly excited for that weather to come so I can finally wear hats and scarves again, and wear my overly priced new boots!

Cold nights
Last week I realized (once more) that I am not a baker. A few days ago I decided to give it another try and baked a rainbow cake. The idea was great, the pics I saw online looked really awesome. Unfortunately mine looked like a reject from the rainbow cake factory...

Mixing all the colors was awesome!!! I felt like I was taking part in that scene from Hook with the lostboys in Neverland! ...." All my favorite neverfoods........."

Yes...those are chopsticks in my cake. I needed something to balance it!
Michael Buble was in Dublin a few days ago and switched on the Christmas lights on Grafton St. (My favorite street in Dublin city) The Brown Thomas Christmas windows were also unveiled and they were so nice!! I can't wait for my December visitors to get here so I can take them here...

Happy Christmas!
How nice!!

The streets of Dublin...

I FINALLY found a place in Dublin that makes Gelato. This makes me very happy. And the good thing about eating ice-cream in Ireland, it doesn't start melting on you 2 minutes after you buy it. I was able to stroll around Grafton St. ice-cream in hand, for a good 20 mins before I finally finished it. 


All the shops have started to decorate too for Christmas. So exciting.  I love this time of year!! I already want to start Christmas shopping but I think it's a bit early to start hiding all the presents in my room. At least I will wait until we get our tree!

Brown Thomas

Every year the windows in Brown Thomas are decorated differently. I haven't been here at Christmas time for so long that I haven't seen them, or really appreciated them before...I wonder how much time goes into these before they are unveiled to the streets of Dublin. I can't speak for the last 8 years, but this year, they were so pretty...

This is my favorite

Anyone want to go Christmas shopping for me in Louis Vuitton??

I actually cannot wait for December to start. One of my best friends and her sister are coming to visit in the middle of December. Lydia, I can't wait!! Then of course it's Christmas week (and a trip to Tenerife), and then on arrival home, I will be greeted by my lovely Dutch family for a few more days of visits. What a nice month!!
I'm off to work.... ! Goodnight! 


  1. You have a really exciting reports here, Joey! So beautiful is Dublin! And I thought, Salerno is unique where you can find all that lamps etc. :-))) Have to write ab out it, too.

    May I steel 2 photos from your post for our blog about the inspirational ideas for the house I wanted to show the girls your cake -great idea! And than ceiling decoration, too.

  2. Oh, Joey, and how did you those cakes? I did not understand the receipe... :-( I'm a Great Cook...

  3. Thank you! Yes, no problem, what is the website? I can't understand it!:( The recipe I think was a Martha Stewart! If you want to see more pictures of Ireland, have a look at this post: