About Me

Hi everybody!

I hope there is somebody out there actually reading this, if not, at least I'm having fun putting it together!
Working in hospitality industry, I don't get much time to do anything else except for work, but when I do.... it's pretty fun being me! When I say fun...it's more other people making fun of me, but at least SOMEONE is having fun.

I tend to say random things  whenever they pop into my head, don't fear authority (I respect those who respect me), I love my family and closest friends so much! 
Like lots of people out there, I'm lucky in so many ways. I've met so many great people in my life but it's the amazing ones I tend to hang on to, forever.

I live by the philosophy that 'To live is to risk dying; and the greatest risk in life is to risk nothing.' Always have. Always will.

I am on a journey to travel the world, have a family, become a general manager, be a great photographer, own lots of properties, give back to the people who gave to me, and who says I can't do all of it. Well. Lots. But I won't let that stop me from trying!!!

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