Monday, 24 September 2012

Can I Show Joanne the Trees, Mummy?

I love how children get excited over the most simply of things. Their innocence and naiveté makes it possible to feel complete and utter happiness for the simplest of pleasures. It would be nice if all adults could feel the same and learn to appreciate life's beauty in all its aspects. Being around such innocence sometimes makes you forget life's complexities or difficulties. A three year old doesn't worry about love, he just feels it, unconditionally.  A three year old doesn't obsess over the past, or think too much about the future, he just lives his life every day, one laugh at a time. A three year old doesn't concern himself with what others think of him, he is just himself and full of the joys of life - and there are many if we, adults, chose to see them.

Before Jack went for his nap the other day, he was obviously told I was coming over for a visit.
A little while after I arrived, we could see him on the monitor waking up and asking for Mummy. When she went up I could hear their conversation... it brought such a smile to my face. SO CUTE. His first question upon waking was:

"Can I show Joanne the trees, Mummy?"

I wish I would wake up with the same enthusiasm for anything.

So that's what we did... went to the trees and fascinating they were!

Phone pics...



One of my favorite things about being back home is getting to watch Jack grow up and what an amazing little boy he is turning out to be. Apart from being SO gorgeous, he is so caring, affectionate, loving, has the best sense of humor already!! He's an amazing child!!!

A few weeks ago, I took these pictures... he's about to be a big brother too!

Have a great week!! Live it through the eyes of a child!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Number 105.

105. Do a diet/fitness challenge 

It seems like everyone around me was/is on a strict (famous) diet, or doing a fitness challenge like Insanity so I decided it's time for me to do something.
Because of my job at the moment, I wouldn't have the hours in the day, or the energy, to do something as strict as Insanity and due to the fact that I'm pretty much a fatty, I couldn't do a really strict diet either, so I had to improvise.

I made up my own 17-Day fitness challenge. Everyone asked me 'why 17 days?' No real reason...I like the number and it seemed somewhat do-able. Although 3 days into it, I wasn't very hopeful.

It was a very simple plan... Sundays off, and the other 6 days a week straight from work to the gym to run at least 5km, weights for legs and arms, and 300-500 sit-ups. It doesn't sound too bad, but after 8.5 hours of constant speed walking (Olympic style) at work, it was REALLY tough some days.

I managed to bundle my sister Jacqueline in on the deal so we had the support and motivation of one another.  Any day I was feeling less than enthusiastic, I could always count on Jacqueline's support: 
Me: " Ohhh Jac, I really don't feel like going to the gym today / Ohhh Jac, I really don't want to run another 2km etc..." 
Jacqueline: " Okkk, let's just have two days off this week/ Yeah me neitherrrr, let's stop and get ready to go home" !!!
Thanks Jac!! But I am proud to say; we did survive and completed the 17 days to perfection.

The results?

Well, maybe about 1.5 kilos weight loss, not a massive amount, but that wasn't the goal. I feel so much fitter physically, and mentally, maybe most importantly,  it was such a good discipline.
I will definitely do another fitness challenge soon! It felt good to complete the goal.


Have a happy (and healthy) week!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Outdoor Wednesday -The Streets of Dublin

Filled with history, laughter, sadness, traditions, shopping and pubs!

Doors of Dublin

Winter Visits...

 Freezing winters, rain, wind, pigeons, but there's nothing and nowhere like the streets of Dublin!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Happy Anniversary & Happy Birthday, Zizo!!

This summer Zied and I celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary! We agreed ten years of friendship deserved to be recognised. We had planned to have a little party, but with the week that was in it, it didn't happen. So when we were staying in Gammarth for a night last month, he surprised me with this cake and little 'mini party'

This is just one of the many things Zizo has done for me over the past 10 years. To say he is an incredible friend, is an understatement.
He is one of the most selfless people I know on this planet. He is only looking for ways to please other people, and will do ANYTHING for his friends. I am honored to be one of them.


It is not the kind of friendship you find every day; it is definitely unconventional, but I cherish it so so much!!

Thank you Zied for 10 years of best friendship and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for today! You only deserve happiness.

Love you so much!!!!