Thursday, 31 July 2014

Through the Eyes of a Newborn

You turn 6 weeks on Sunday and I can only imagine how you see this big world around you. The time is passing by so fast and in years to come, I want to be able to look back on this blog together and laugh about how it all started!

There is so much loud noise, talking, laughing, music…yelling! So many new smells, colours, textures - you must be so intrigued. Sometimes you look at me with great confusion in your eyes and I feel sorry for you, although maybe you’re just wondering what the heck I am doing. I know, if I was you, I’d be worried too!
Everything is new and unfamiliar but you are now beginning to take your surroundings in. Sometimes you stare at me when you’re in my arms, hopefully realising I am your mommy. You seem to have a particular fascination with ceiling lights and love the sound of my camera! (Which is good because it is in action a lot!) 

You love hiccupping and sneezing startles you in the cutest way. Your arms fly up in the air and cover your ears!
You like baths but hate being cold. You scream the house down when you want milk...sometimes I worry the neighbours will think I am murdering my child!   

With Monkey Monkerson (Your daddy named him!)

We are waiting on your first smile now and we can’t wait to see it! I think I may have got one this morning but I can’t be certain it wasn’t wind as a result of you downing a bottle of milk in 15 minutes like a champion. 

Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been great lately and I haven’t gotten you out for as many walks as I would have liked. Your eyes still squint with the sunlight or any natural light so I promise to make an effort to get out lots more! 

We are starting some floor ‘tummy time’ which you don’t like at all! Your neck strength is so strong when you’re lying on me, but once I put you on the floor you stay completely still, or move your legs around, leaving your head firmly on the ground.  I think you say to yourself “YOU get on the floor, Mommy, and I’ll watch you squirm around, idiot” 

I can’t believe how fast you are growing. You are now over 8 lbs. I have to put away all your clothes from the last few weeks because your legs are too long now. Either that, or make shorts out of them! It’s sad how quickly you are growing out of things. It’s a complete wake up call for me to realise this time is going to pass super fast and I need to enjoy every moment of it. 

Almost 6 weeks already and we’ve all survived…now that’s a celebration! 

A few phone pics which I think are great for capturing a moment! 
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I love you, son.  

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