Monday, 21 July 2014

He's The Boss

After four weeks of denying it, I have finally realised my life will never be the same anymore. Not for a long time, will I be able to do things on a whim, on my own accord, without giving much thought or consideration.
Before it was so easy to just jump in the car and go shopping, go out for a meal, visit friends. Now there is this whole other mini person who needs to be consulted first. And to be perfectly honest, at the moment, he's not too agreeable.
The reality of it all is just setting in (and I say this in a good way, not in a depressed, I can't believe what I have got myself into, kind of way)
There is definitely no denying it, the power has shifted, there is a new boss and he will be my only ever real boss from here on in.
Watching tv this morning with the baby in his bassinet beside me, I instinctly reached for the remote control to turn down the sudden burst of crying. To my initial surprise, the noise did not cease!

The good days definitely out weigh the bad days; the days when all he wants to do is drink, slowly, very very slowly, then decides getting sick all over himself, me and the sofa is a cool thing to do.

Lots going on the last week..mostly behind closed doors as getting out of the house at the moment is a 3 hour marathon.

Mini birthdays...

Last week we celebrated Tic Tac turning 3 weeks old

This is my favourite pose...tongue out

Look at my long legs...I definitely didn't get them from my parents

Big toe! 

Yesterday Tic Tac turned 1 month. He is changing every day, every hour! He looks different each time he wakes up from a nap...a little more hair, a few more eye lashes, darkening eye brows, chubbier arms (although, they are not quite at chubby stage yet)
His appetite is growing massively; the only thing he is interested in is milk, milk and more milk.
He is much more alert and spends more time awake (mostly looking for milk) and is beginning to recognise there are people around him, poor shmucks waiting on him hand and foot!

We celebrated this one too...

All things small...

My first two books

Random picture: loving my curtains

I said small...

Really small

Have a great week everybody!

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