Wednesday, 6 August 2014

This week, I have learned...

I want to keep track of the things I am learning each week and having a newborn baby certainly lays plans for a lot of learning to take place every day. That, and the process of buying my own house and getting ready to move.

This week, I have learned:

- Burping a newborn on an expensive red velvet couch in a rental property is probably not the best idea

-(Insert: how to get out milk stains from red velvet....I wish)

- You can feed a baby warm or cold milk

- How to collapse my stroller

-How much a baby can bring a family together. Watching my parents and sister with Tic Tac is incredible - it gives me goosebumps sometimes. To see how much they love him and want to spend time with him, reminds me of how grateful I am to have such a wonderful family.

- Viber doesn't work in Abu Dhabi. One of my best friends (Dearbhla) moved to Abu Dhabi last week and we can't use Viber, something with the connection over there. Or perhaps we could be the issue. Still to be determined.

- I really want to blog a lot more and am going to make a better effort to do so

- How to work Apple TV

- That it is possible for my child to sleep almost 5 hours in a row overnight. (Discovered last night!)

-There are some incredibly generous people in this world

-Sometimes the house is just not going to be tidied (it actually hurts me to write it!)

That's all I can think of for now... to be revisited next week!


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