Thursday, 5 September 2013

Swimming With Dolphins

Last month I got to cross one more thing of my List:

56. Swim again with dolphins

It was on the same day we went snorkelling that we did this.
Getting to cross 2 items from my list in 12 hours = successful day!

Theatre of the Sea was the first place we went when we arrived on the Keys. Jacqueline and I had been there before a few years ago and loved it since then. It is a marine wildlife park which is home to rescued (and non rescued) animals.

Their mission statement is:

'To provide a wonderful home for our animals while sharing them with visitors in ways that inspire awareness and sensitivity towards animals, the environment, and conservation issues.'

...and they live up to that expectation completely.

Before getting into the water, you have to sit through 45 minutes of instruction. The dolphins are trained using hand signals, so you are told only to move as the instructor tells you. Everyone was slightly aprehensive getting into the water with these beautiful creatures. I don't think you realise how big dolphins are until you are in the water next to them.

It's such a nice experience and would highly reccommend it! Do it!!!

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