Sunday, 29 September 2013

Benjamin's Christening

Godmother for the first time!
Such a nice feeling and such a great responsibility.

Last Saturday, I realised just how alike my family are. The christening was due to start at 12 mid day. I had planned to get there early - around 11.40 to go through some things with Jenny and Sean - to practice anything I needed to. I arrived at 11.50  almost in a panic I was too late and wasn't going to know what to do at the alter with the baby ..
There were a lot of families and children running around the church and the car park was full, but no sign of anybody from my family. Five minutes passed one from the Power/Tayor/Foley family had appeared and panic set in! Was I in the wrong church? Was I going to make wherever it was within 5 minutes and before the service started? I was thinking 'world's worst Godmother!'
Finally, I spotted my Grandma and let out a sigh of relief! At exactly 12.00 the rest of my family poured in - my parents and Jacqueline, Jenny, Sean and the boys, my aunt and cousins-all coming separately, all arriving on the dot of 12! It's definitely a fine art which my family possess.

Jack was dressed up looking like such a little man, and Ben was looking the cutest in his white outfit.

My cousin Johnny and I were Godmother and Godfather so we sat with Jenny, Sean and the boys, not a clue what we were supposed to be doing. As it turned out, not much at all!

At the church

That was my job...wrapping my Godson in his blanket! At that point, I was glad I didn't arrive one hour early at the church to 'practice' what I needed to do!

Love this little guy so much!!


Back at the house

My gorgeous Godson; Benjamin Cole

Great Grandma:) 

Thank you Jenny and Sean for the honor of being Benjamin Cole's Godmother. I promise, I'll be the cool mom he will wish he had! ;)

Ps. I love my family.

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