Monday, 16 September 2013

3 Days of Wedding Fun

Two weeks ago, I flew to Tunisia to be at Ali's wedding.
It's a special feeling watching someone you love get married.  It's nice to know someone you care abouts life is going to change for the better - so much to look forward to and get excited about. It was so special to be able to share that. 

Apologies for the shocking picture quality as most of these were taken with my mobile. I carried my camera in my bag every day for 3 days but pretty much never used it.
#gettinglazy! I need to start using my camera again...

Tunisian weddings are a lot of fun...random fun. They can last anything from 1 day to a week. Ali's  was 3 days of wedding frolics.

The first day was Souhir's day. There was a gathering in her house while she got her Henna done etc.
The second day was Ali's day. I arrived that evening to about 200 people all sitting outside his house with a small stage set up for the musicians. I wish I had pictures to capture some of the funny moments that took place that evening but unfortunately I spent most the night running for cover. There were water balloon fights (which turned into large water bucket fights), snow in a can fights (most of us were walking around with white snow all over our faces!) And even a proper fist fight...And no, not some angry ex coming to take their revenge!

Outside the house...

Time of his life!!!
Getting his Henna done on the baby finger

Some traditional music

The last night brought the two families together for some more music and dancing. God help you if you don't like to dance  - the rath that will pour down on you if you stay in your seat! Not looking forward to seeing those videos...

Happy night!!!!!!!!

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