Sunday, 26 August 2012

A Surprise Weekend

What would life be like without a little spontaneity? A little risk taking? Pretty dull I'd say. The beginning of last week I was given 3 days off in a row from work and right then and there, I knew I wanted to go somewhere!
It has been the worst summer Ireland has seen for many years (and that's really saying something) so my body and mind was in need of a bit of sunshine and beach life. 
After a few hours of deliberation, I booked my flights to Malaga to visit Laura (and the sun.) on the 12th.
It was definitely a spur of the moment decision as my flight left the next day. I got home from work, packed my bag and tried to get a few hours of sleep before the early morning flight.

I don't know many families as overwhelmingly nice as Laura's. Even though all communication was through Spanish (very rusty Spanish in my case), I was made feel so so welcome and I enjoyed a wonderful 3 days with them.
The first day was a bit cloudy but still spent on the beach. Thankfully the second day saw a clear blue sky and lots of sun! On the first evening there was a Feria in Malaga centre which we went to. It comes every year to the same place and brings thousands of people.  Even though I was super tired, we had a lot of fun! It was huge, so many different tents and marquees with different food in each, some had shows of traditional Spanish dancing, and all the kids were dressed up in Flamenco outfits.. so cute! There was also a big amusement part with lots of rides.

We ate some Spanish Tortilla, a delicious gofre, watched some shows, and did some dancing... (I dance like a spastic....poor Laura and Cristina....I'm pretty sure they were trying to lose me!) After the evening, Laura's lovely dad collected us and brought us home.

La Feria




We celebrated Laura's birthday as well... spent the day at the beach, and then in the evening had dinner at home and went out for Gelato with all her lovely family.
The next morning it was time to go home... but not before a breakfast of churros con chocolate!

It was a really nice few days but went by way too fast!
Thanks so so much to Laura, Cristina and their amazing parents and grandma for the lovely weekend!

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