Saturday, 18 August 2012

100 Things One Year Later

Just over a year ago, I decided to start making note of the important things I wanted to do, or accomplish in my life. It was at a time when I had a lot of personal things going on and I realised life is too short to just let it pass you by. Writing this list has really given me some direction, and a stronger focus to do the things I want to do.

Exactly 1 year ago today (August 18th) I published my 100 Things I want to do list. Although I have not conquered much of the list, I am pleased to say I have crossed off 11 things and the next couple of months should see a few more gone hopefully!
Unfortunately though, some of my priorities have changed (had to change) over the past months so there have been a few edits.  It doesn't make me happy to give up on my dreams but...I will have to make new ones... Throughout the year, I have kept note of new experiences I would like to add so they are now there too!

In no particular order:
  1. Go on an African safari
  2. Get married
  3. Have my children
  4. Travel around Asia for 3 months
  5. Travel South America for 3 months to Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico
  6. Have breakfast in Paris with my other half outside the finest bakery in the sunshine
  7. Make my parents and sister proud
  8. Live in the States again
  9. Live in Tunisia
  10. Travel around North America for 2 months, visiting Boston, New York, Chicago, California, Colorado, Seattle and DC.
  11. Take a romantic trip to NYC
  12. Take photography classes
  13. Become a semi-professional photographer
  14. Learn how to bake and do it a lot! . . .
  15. Own at least 3 different properties around the world
  16. Learn how to use Photoshop
  17. Get my Irish drivers licence
  18. Be promoted in the Four Seasons . . .
  19. Transfer to somewhere else in the world, either temporary or permanently
  20. Experience true human flight - see video! :
  21. Be in the cockpit of an airplane for a take-off or a landing
  22. See NYC by helicopter (As in the scene from 2 Weeks Notice!)
  23. Travel around Tunisia for 3 weeks
  24. Plan my own dream wedding
  25. Take part in a photoshoot
  26. Do a photoshoot (hopefully many of them)
  27. Write an autobiography
  28. Speak Spanish fluently
  29. Speak Tunisian Arabic fluently
  30. Move to a Spanish-speaking country for 3-6 months straight and study and speak ONLY Spanish, no English!
  31. Write a successful blog and have over 100 followers
  32. Buy an amazing camera
  33. Join a gym and use it!!
  34. Buy a small picnic basket
  35. Have a picnic in Central Park, NYC
  36. Buy a really expensive handbag
  37. Open a restaurant
  38. Visit the Sassis in the Netherlands or have them visit me in Dublin
  39. Visit Asia in Poland
  40. Visit Gloriana in Mexico
  41. Be the best mum and wife I can be
  42. Have a guest bedroom in my home, always with fresh flowers by the bedside and an open door for all visitors
  43. Have a cinema system at home
  44. Own one property with a lot of land
  45. Go camping and roast marshmallows over an open fire
  46. Get back into tennis
  47. Take a course on interior design
  48. Take up the piano again and learn at least 2 new pieces
  49. Learn a bit about flowers and gardening and plant my own small garden
  50. Build one of my properties from scratch, designing it myself
  51. Visit the North Pole and go sledding with reindeers
  52. Go to a music festival
  53. Attend a film festival
  54. Go to an opera
  55. Do something with my teeth so I don't always have to wear a brace!
  56. Swim again with dolphins
  57. Snorkel again in a coral reef
  58. Get my face drawn by a caricaturist
  59. Visit a famous museum
  60. Become GM of a resort
  61. Own my own business and be my own boss at some point
  62. Learn how to drive a stick shift
  63. Go back to university to do a masters
  64. Learn French again and speak is as close to fluently as possible
  65. Redecorate my room at home
  66. Help my family with money
  67. Return to FL soon, at least for a visit and as much as possible
  68. Visit Greece
  69. Go on another cruise
  70. Holiday in The Maldives
  71. Holiday to Bali 
  72. Holday to Bora Bora
  73. Go to Friguia Park
  74. Attend an arts and crafts class
  75. Grow my own fruit and veg
  76. Throw a themed party soon
  77. Camp in the dessert
  78. Dance Salsa - well! 
  79. Win the green card lottery
  80. Go on my first skiing holiday
  81. Work some time from home
  82. Help someone achieve their dream
  83. Start a proper savings account!! 
  84. Organize my old clothes, and donate to a charity and/or to someone that needs them
  85. Open my own hotel
  86. Own a boat
  87. Take time off work or work part time for a while when I have my children
  88. Invent a perfume and design the bottle
  89. Invest in a small property and rent it out 
  90. Take a life coaching course
  91. Send my mum and dad on a surprise holiday
  92. Organize a reunion
  93. ***************
  94. Find a job that I can earn some extra money from home (data entry etc) 
  95. Explore a jungle or rainforest
  96. Try Paragliding
  97. Put a message in a bottle and throw it out to sea
  98. Ride along vineyards on horses with someone I love
  99. Go Tree Camping  LOOK!  
  100. Go whale watching
  101. Take a flight lesson(s)
  102. Have the smell of Le Meridien in my home
  103. Take a self-defense/martial arts class
  104. Buy a horse and learn how to horse-ride
  105. Do a diet/fitness challenge like Insanity (because of my work it would definitely have to be adjusted so I will make one up!) 
  106.  Buy a new puppy (a husky/st.bernard)
  107. **************************
Ok, I realise this is more than 100, but  who cares!!
I encourage anyone reading this to do something similar... it really helps you get things done, and writing things down definitely makes your aspirations more real and do-able!! And it feels awesome when you cross something out!! 

Here's to another year and to taking chances!


    1. I love your dreams! You know how to dream big and I know you will accomplish them as and when you set your mind to them :) xxx