Monday, 2 January 2012

Una Visita Corta

Two weeks ago I got the chance to reunite, if only for a few days, with one of my closest friends. We have experieced so much together -
  • Room mates at university for 2 years.
  • Team mates for 3 years
  • Celebrations like my 21st birthday in the Bahamas on a cruise, like birthday weekends spent in Miami (us sharing a tiny bed, the rest on the floor!) 
  • Trips to NYC
  • Visits to Disney World
I really could go on and on, but now I will just add the latest to our adventures: 

  • Una visita corta en irlanda!

After two years apart, we finally got to reunite in Dublin. I also got to meet the other half of Lydia , her sister Yolanda, who is just as lovely as her big sis:) There is not much nicer than spending the weekend with your sister, your best friend and her sister.

Pasamos tres dias tannn divertidos!!!

When I finally got off work on Thursday, I met the girls at the train station to take them home. After previous long and tiring days for all of us, we decided the best thing to do was to stay home the first evening. We ordered in a Chinese, put on our PJs, became couch potatoes infront of the fire and the Christmas tree and spent hours catching up.

After a good nights sleep, we were ready to explore Dublin. Yes, I am from here, but since I've been away so long, I feel like a tourist sometimes. We got the dart (train) into town, and realized just how unbelievably COLD it was when we got out. First place we headed for: Starbucks; to warm up with a coffee or hot chocolate...

Then we headed to Dublin Castle.
When the girls told me they wanted to go and visit there the previous night I had thought it was going to be very boring. But with a good tour guide, and the beautiful interiors of the castle, my camera and I were pleasantly surprised! Some of the paintings were related to vikings, and old English Lords and Earls. The history was very interesting and the four of us enjoyed the visit...

These were some flags representing different family names, most of them Irish, but some foreign too, including Spanish..

Where state functions are held, including the Queens dinner when she came to visit a few months ago

Throne on the right
Middle row, 3rd window from the left, Bram Stoker himself spent time working on his masterpiece: Dracula!

We also visited the small chapel attached to the castle..


We headed for St. Patricks Cathedral, which was a long walk in the cold, and by the time we got there, had lost a bit of interest in it and were more looking forward to lunch in a warm restaurant with a hot drink! But we had lots of laughs along the way...

It's SUCH a good feeling to have a really good friend around you, someone who genuinely cares what's going on in your life.. People are lucky to have even 1 or 2 REALLY good friends in their lives, I'm so lucky to have a few more than that, but Lyd is definitely one of them...

Yoli and Lydia seem to have a similar relationship to that of mine and Jacqueline's. It's not just that we have a sister, they are also our best friends, people who we talk to about EVERYTHING,  and trust in 100%. It was so nice to be together , the four of us.

Getting into the map!!

The streets of Dublin
As ready as we will ever be for the freezing cold winds... we were muffled up!

My beautiful sister
Scarf, hat AND hood - still not enough

Lydia's eye fiasco! If you know her, you can just hear her "ah ah ah ' ss"

Typical Victorian doors in Dublin

We had lunch that afternoon in Bewley's on Grafton Street and we finally warmed up before setting out on our expedition to the History Museum...
The museum was quite a disappointment for me. I had expected something apart from ONLY animals, however, that was not to be. I felt like I was at a Taxidermist. (That word freaks me out!!) Hense, there are no pictures from inside the museum!!!

After a busy day, we got the train home, showered, and got ready to go back out again!

We went for a delicious Italian dinner and were sandwiched inbetween A LOT of office Chrismtas party dinner tables but the atmosphere was great! Everyone was singing and dancing, lots of music, and great food!

Una noche hermosa!

The time together went by way too fast. But isn't that always the way? When something is perfect, you never want it to end!
We had a perfect three days together, and in the last one we got to do a photoshoot!!!! Although is was beyond freezing outside where we did it, the pictures were definitely worth it! - Soon to be posted!!

Our last night together, we spent by the tree, drinking hot chocolates and saying our goodbyes.

Thank you girls, for a perfect 3 days!!!


  1. It was very short but soo sweet...great 3 days that flew by!
    Thank you for the great hospitality, for the hot chocolates by the couch, for the long talks, for all the sharing, for all the moments...i truly miss my roomate, my teamamte, my friend.

  2. I miss you too!! Love you!

  3. It looks u had an amazing time, I want to go visit u so bad!!! hopefully thie year!!! love u, Glo!!! :)

  4. PLEASE PLEASE come!!! You don't know how much I miss you. I will visit you too this yr, sure. Love you a lot.