Monday, 16 January 2012

To be Healthy or Not to be?? - Cupcakes V. Smoothies

Been a quiet week apart from work so not many's strange not to have any visitors or not to be going anywhere..
I've been training in work and getting myself ready for my first manager shift on Thursday! Eeek!

I am seriously contemplating doing a ' healthy eating month ' . I put so much crap in my stomach it's crazy. Even as a write this, I've just had a chocolate bar and a large slice of cake!!! Things need to change! I am in the process of psyching myself up for a month of food deprivation...when I get enough courage, I will blog it!

Ironically I got a bit of baking done... (!) For Christmas I got some new stuff and I wanted to make use to it.

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cupcakes

And now for the healthy: 


Decisions Decisions.............................. 

I visited my amazing little cousin too and his amazing mommy:)

My favorite picture!

Happy Monday! Have a good week!

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