Sunday, 11 September 2011


96. Organize a reunion

Job offers
Life choices....

These are just some of the many things each of us have experienced and encountered in the past 7 years of our ever changing lives. Things we have experienced away from eachother - most of it- completely unaware what the other was going through. When you are the best of friends in your teens, but then go to live in different countries in different parts of the world, it is hard to keep on top of everything that changes in eachothers lives. Since our days together, it seems we have all been made to grow up at different paces. Life has given each of us troubles, but also granted us a lot of happiness along the way and finally, 7 years later, led us back together for a REUNION in one of the world's greatest cities...LONDON!

Gracie met me when I arrived in London and we spent the first night talking and catching up till after 2 in the morning - reminiscing about the times we lived through in Barcelona, both wondering how we escaped it alive!!!! We knew we only had a few hours together (a day and a bit) so we tried to make a plan of action for the time we had. We met Sofie the following day at the tube station and the proper (mini) reunion began. As the sun was splitting the skies, we decided to stop off at M&S and stock up for a picnic in Hyde Park. A short picnic turned into hours of catching up, reminiscing, laughing, coming to realizations, planning and, of course, a little photo session.

All the "in love" couples that had come out to the park for a relaxing and romantic afternoon were dreadfully interrupted by 3 "adults" shouting and jumping up and down. I think it was at this point we realized not much had changed since our teen years in Barcelona. Apart from the fact Sofie is now afraid of miniature dogs who come over to say hello, and stuffs wasps in plastic bags with her lunch. (You think you know someone!!!)

After our picnic, we went to get ready for our Sushi dinner. Grace told me she had eaten across from Hugh Grant in the restaurant we were going to, so I had high hopes! It was the only let down of the trip!!!!!

Yes, the coke was mine!

The next morning before I left, Grace and I went to invade a giant M&Ms store we had spotted the night before. It was AMAZING! I am pretty sure Grace has returned at least 6 times since that morning.

Time of our lives!!!

Before getting soaked with rain on the way to the airport, we met Sofie for a goodbye Starbucks brunch.

At the very end of our weekend, we realized we didn't have any pictures together. We resorted to asking a lady who works in Starbucks - not the most talented photographer I've ever come across. This picture was originally taken from what looked like 19 miles away and was completely blurry. At least now you can sort of make out who was in the photo.

Slightly random picture, but how much do I love London?! This street was the cutest ever. Lots of little houses like this, I wish I got more photos!

What could this picture signify? 

Maybe the endless possibilities each of us are greeted with and should appreciate. Maybe a welcome to the unknown. Maybe a look towards the future. Maybe a return to the past. All I know is that we are alive(!) and need to enjoy and embrace every moment we are given. Things can change at any moment, for the good or bad, but each moment we live through is what shapes our personalities and moulds us into the people we are.

Last weekend reaffirmed a great friendship between three people...a friendship I hope we will keep forever.

To friendship...and to the next reunion...

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