Sunday, 4 September 2011

Caught between the crossfire of Heaven and Hell...

The last month has been " different " to say the least... learning a lot about my job, myself and other people. I have started to make an indent into my 100 Things list... I realise there are so many items on it that will be ongoing, or something I won't want to do just the one time. Nevertheless, I have begun!

15. Learn how to bake and do it a lot!
I decided to start with the baking. I made an attempt at red velvet cupcakes. They were more like 'red velvet BUTTER cakes.' I was planning to take them into work, but since the risk of posioning was so high, I decided against it. Posioning all my colleagues might not go far in convincing people I am a 'team player'!!

However, all that icing sugar on top of them made up for the buttery taste and they ended up not too bad!

Needs a lot of work! This week: banana and strawberry muffins!

I wish I could make cupcakes as good as this place,one word: amazing.

Yum! Dulce de leche.

This blog looks like it's only about food...I think I have a problem!

I really think it was a good idea to write my list as it's giving me SO much more direction, and helped me set a lot of short and long term goals. I was used to doing that sort of stuff for tennis, but at this moment in time, it seems more important to set them for life, itself. It has been hanging on my wall for the past few months, on bright pink and orange paper, attracting me to look at it every day and slowly I am starting to cross more and more off it, maybe even faster than I thought I could. During this past month I got the chance to visit a few different places and crossed off some other things.

Other new developments: I have decided to get my fitness back!! Next week I will start to take spinning classes - trying to get people to go with me is probably harder than the class, itself. I was even considering doing this home work out, but I don't want my parents to think the house is falling down around them as this elephant is trying to get in shape so... plan aborted!

Last week I got to spend some time with Jenny and Jack. We had plans to go to the zoo, but because of our crappy Irish weather, had to stay in. Great chats and fun, as always. Visiting Jenny is sort of like visiting a big sister, and watching Jack growing up every time I see him, is amazing:) Looking forward to a certain trip in October!

I think we have a male model in the family!!
This week: to the ZOO! 

Have a good week everyone!

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