Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What's Been Happening

Why do weekdays pass so slowly and days off pass by so fast? Especially when you have lots of fun things to do and get to spend them with the people you love. These days, I am living for the weekend - it can't come soon enough. Getting home on Friday evening is the best feeling. You know you can sleep on the next 2 mornings, you know you'll get to see friends and go places you don't have time during the week, you know it's time to get on Skype/Facetime to your friends abroad and share stories about the week gone by.

Last weekend we celebrated my Godson Ben's 1st birthday

I had a very welcome visit from Dearbhla

We sat up in Howth, out in the cold drinking hot chocolates and coffees and talking about life!

 Alan and I visited Clontarf Castle. It's so cozy there - little open fire places, high ceilings, old style furniture. I realise the picture below does not do that discription any justice but it was impossible to rest the camera anywhere on self timer to take any kind of decent photo. Alan needs a medal for his patience!

Almost Wednesday everyone..... half way there! 

Have a great week! 

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