Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Summer Fun......Sousse

Well...the adventures have continued since my last post (weeks ago!:-/)
I am currently in pjs, sitting on my bed, windows open, sun still shining in (at 21.30) with a tub of Ben & Jerry's next to me, with summer dance music playing in the background....perfection?

Last week came time to visit my favourite place in the world and spend quality time with some of my favourite people. Granted, some of them were kind enough to take second place to the beach a few days, but that's OK.

I am sad to say I used my camera very little but the memories will remain, like always.
Summer is a funny time of year...I mean, every year you think 'this summer can't be as awesome as last summer' because of all the memories you've had,  knowing you can never create the exact same memory again. But as no surprise, this summer is creating new and exciting memories itself that when next summer rolls around, we will look back and say 'Nahhh, it can't be as good as last year.'

{Speaking of memories, I have decided I want to make time to scan a load of old pictures from my parents old albums and each month, share a little of my past with whoever wants to read it. It will also be my way to 'go back in time' }

Dearbhla (who must be sick of me by now) and I spent the past 2 weeks in Sousse enjoying all the fun summer has to offer. The mornings were spent on the beach, (The early mornings were probably spent with Dearbhla wondering when I'd ever wake up.) the afternoons spent still there, or visiting; trips to the Medina or the Port for some shopping. The evenings were spent with dinners at the hotel, shows, out for ice creams/coffees etc...

Love this familiar sight

Tunisia's beauty sometimes fascinates me...on just a short walk from the room to the beach, look at all the colours you encounter:


  Light Pink


Light Blue

Dark Pink 



 The familiar sounds on the beach of the sea rolling in, people talking and laughing and those familiar characters that walk along trying to sell something.... "Pario, pario," " Nice, fresh, nice nice..."

Got to spend time with 3 people I love that I would rarely get to see together at the same time.  I just wanted to be quiet and listen to them all speaking together - so thankful to have that moment.

More fun with people I love


 And I can't finish this post without a little mention of our trip back to Dublin. It was the first time in 15 years where I thought Dearbhla might actually kill me. Ok, maybe second to the time she ran for one of my drop shots on the tennis court and rolled her ankle!
It started off 'risky' leaving at 8am to be at the airport for 9 considering it is a 2 hour drive. With a loaded boot, back seat and front seat, a nervous passenger being driven at 140 kilometres per hour and the sun beaming through the window on my face the entire journey, it was a recipe for disaster. Or adventure. However you want to look at it. (I know what way Dearbhla was looking at it.)
We were informed when we arrived to the check in desk, sweating, that we  had made it with ONE minute to spare. Now there's not wanting to hang around airports...but that may have been pushing the boat out.
As if that wasn't enough... when we got to Paris, we were thinking having an hour and a half was plenty of time as we ambled slowly around CDG. Shockingly, as we arrived to our boarding gate, we found NO ONE there and saw the tail end of our bus pulling away. "JESUS JOANNE!" was the initial reaction!
However...I have continued my record of never missing a flight and we arrived in style to the aircraft - by private transfer with chauffeur.

Dearbhla has already tweeted....she's ready for a new travel companion...and that was on the 1st day!

Now to the next adventure....... 

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  1. Was great to actually meet you & Dearbhla this time, I always love your posts & photos :)Trisha