Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Start of Summer: Barcelona Town

How nice it was to be back in Barcelona!!

I was lucky enough to live in this amazing city for almost 3 years of highschool. A place, at first, I wished to escape from turned into a place I realised was a dream to live in. Being on a tennis court 6 days a week, 4/5/6 hours a day is not always fun, trying to fit in school in the remaining day light hours, and being away from home all takes a while to adjust to.... but when I stopped to think about what I had and understood the opportunities I had been given, I realised just how special this period of my life had been and was going to be. The longer I was there, the more I appreciated every day I had there, and as the months began to dwindle away, that appreciation became deeper and deeper.

How many times have you said before departing somewhere special that you will be back - not only once a year, but several times a year? And how many times does it happen? I am sad to say I have only been back 3/4 times in the past 8 years since I left Spain. A two hour flight away sometimes may as well be a 14 hour flight between family/work commitments or other engagements.

All I have now are the memories of some amazing times and some amazing people.

Last week we went back to celebrate Jacqueline's birthday, to celebrate the start of summer and to create new memories!

Some of the fun stuff...

The Birthday

Birthday Lunch at CDLC - love this place! 

Dinner at the W - Amazing!!!

We didn't think one cake would be enough, so when we went back for a second time to the W, decided it would be appropriate to get a second birthday cake. Embarrassed? You would think right?

A few more special effects the second time!!

A lot of laughing! 

What is a trip to Barcelona without a visit to Las Ramblas! Like New York City, you can watch the world go by in this place (a world with slightly more weirdos  unconventional people than other places!)

Best market ever! (Honestly)

Yes, you see them!

This market is endless, full of sweets, chocolates, fruit & vegetables, fish, meat, flowers-everything you can think of! I was wishing I was still living there so I could buy up the entire chocolate stand and bring it home with me.

Park G├╝ell

I went to visit this place for a school tour when I was younger and have wanted to go back ever since. Such a cool place. It was designed by Antoni Gaudi as so many of the tourist attractions are in Barcelona.

Such a beautiful place!

I would have taken 200 more pictures here if I had been by myself. Myself and Ricardo (my camera) had a ball!!

We had the best time - I hope it won't be another two years before my next visit.

Bring on the rest of the summer!!!

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  1. Jacqueline Power19 June 2013 at 20:12

    Love it!! Thank you for such a great birthday! We'll be going back again soon for a new pair of bombon bustos :D xxx