Tuesday, 16 October 2012

What's Been Happening? Lots!

Last week was Noor's birthday... after promising I would be in the Netherlands for it, I was not able to make it, but my heart was there all day.

After my mum saw this picture, the first thing she said to me was "what's wrong with your legs? You look stunted" Thanks mum.

Met up with (uncle) Khemaies...

It's quite obvious I did not pay much attention in art classes. That being said, it's the thought that counts!
It was not something big to do, but it was SO appreciated which made it so worthwhile!
I miss my Dutch family so much, it was nice to 'share' the birthday!

Met up with Dearbhla and had dinner in Jamie Oliver's new Italian restaurant. It was yum..and of course, the best company!

This past weekend we celebrated Jacqueline's graduation from university - a proud moment for all our family.

More pictures to come!

Congratulations you beautiful graduate!!!

It made me remember my graduation from FGCU 3 years ago...As well as making me feel OLD, it brought back many happy memories. I got to celebrate it with my parents, Jacqueline and two of my best friends; Gloriana and Asia.

As I sit writing this, I am listening to the rain falling hard on my bedroom window. It makes me thankful to be inside my home with my warm bed ready to jump into. Winter is definitely on its way - the trees are beginning to lose their leaves and they are scattered around the roads. It's such a pretty time of year right before the trees go bare.
Hopefully I'll get out with my camera to get some photos before the leaves disappear.

Phone pics

Outside work

On Sunday, myself and some of my colleagues did a run for charity. ARC is a society which offers support to cancer patients, as well as the people who take care of them - a VERY worthwhile cause. Cancer is something that affects so so many people's lives. We all know someone who has passed away from it, battled it, or survived it. It hits very close to my heart and I hope to do more work for good charities such as this one.

It was freezing before we started!

ARC's Website:


Have a look and donate!


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