Friday, 19 October 2012

Number 12- Jacqueline Graduates!!!!

Number 12- Take a photography class  - one more thing scratched off the 100 Things List

Almost 2 years ago I was given probably the best (Christmas) present ever - my camera. I am ashamed to say for pretty much all of that time, I have been using the camera in automatic. It is so much easier and the pictures look pretty much the same. Or so I thought.

For so long now though, I've wanted to learn more about the camera;  how to use it to it's full potential, and most of all- use it only in manual.

Since I came back to Ireland, my work hours have been so erratic, it's been hard to take part in anything that's not sleeping, eating or working! However, lately things have been somewhat more stable and I was FINALLY able to enroll in a photography class 3 weeks ago. Ironically, since then, my hours have gone back to their old erratic ways (shift work), but hopefully I'll be still able to commit to continuing the class as it's only once per week.

I've finally started to learn about my camera, it's settings, and how to use it in manual! How exciting!!
I had the perfect opportunity a few days ago to test what I had learned - my sister's graduation.  I warned her that these pictures will turn out too bright/too blurred/too dark/out of focus etc... but they weren't as bad as I imagined.

Patience is key!!! 

All of these pictures were taken in manual. 


Out to the garden...

“Patience is power.
Patience is not an absence of action;
rather it is "timing"
it waits on the right time to act,
for the right principles
and in the right way.”
―Fulton J. Sheen 


  1. Jacqueline Power19 October 2012 at 14:37

    Thank you sooooooo much!!! i must say this is my favourite blog..not that im biased or anything :D love all your pics, you did an incredible job :) xxx

  2. your photos are gorgeous joanne!! and jacqueline you look've gotten so so like your mum!! Caoimhe x

    1. Nice to see your comment here:-) Thanks a mill!! She does look like my mum in these pics actually! Hurry up and come back again so we can catch up!

  3. They are so nice!!!! love u girls a lot!!! :)

  4. That was meeee, Glo.....awwwwwwwwwhhhhggg

    1. Awwwwghhhhh Glooo!jaja! We love you too!!