Saturday, 15 September 2012

Number 105.

105. Do a diet/fitness challenge 

It seems like everyone around me was/is on a strict (famous) diet, or doing a fitness challenge like Insanity so I decided it's time for me to do something.
Because of my job at the moment, I wouldn't have the hours in the day, or the energy, to do something as strict as Insanity and due to the fact that I'm pretty much a fatty, I couldn't do a really strict diet either, so I had to improvise.

I made up my own 17-Day fitness challenge. Everyone asked me 'why 17 days?' No real reason...I like the number and it seemed somewhat do-able. Although 3 days into it, I wasn't very hopeful.

It was a very simple plan... Sundays off, and the other 6 days a week straight from work to the gym to run at least 5km, weights for legs and arms, and 300-500 sit-ups. It doesn't sound too bad, but after 8.5 hours of constant speed walking (Olympic style) at work, it was REALLY tough some days.

I managed to bundle my sister Jacqueline in on the deal so we had the support and motivation of one another.  Any day I was feeling less than enthusiastic, I could always count on Jacqueline's support: 
Me: " Ohhh Jac, I really don't feel like going to the gym today / Ohhh Jac, I really don't want to run another 2km etc..." 
Jacqueline: " Okkk, let's just have two days off this week/ Yeah me neitherrrr, let's stop and get ready to go home" !!!
Thanks Jac!! But I am proud to say; we did survive and completed the 17 days to perfection.

The results?

Well, maybe about 1.5 kilos weight loss, not a massive amount, but that wasn't the goal. I feel so much fitter physically, and mentally, maybe most importantly,  it was such a good discipline.
I will definitely do another fitness challenge soon! It felt good to complete the goal.


Have a happy (and healthy) week!

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