Monday, 24 September 2012

Can I Show Joanne the Trees, Mummy?

I love how children get excited over the most simply of things. Their innocence and naiveté makes it possible to feel complete and utter happiness for the simplest of pleasures. It would be nice if all adults could feel the same and learn to appreciate life's beauty in all its aspects. Being around such innocence sometimes makes you forget life's complexities or difficulties. A three year old doesn't worry about love, he just feels it, unconditionally.  A three year old doesn't obsess over the past, or think too much about the future, he just lives his life every day, one laugh at a time. A three year old doesn't concern himself with what others think of him, he is just himself and full of the joys of life - and there are many if we, adults, chose to see them.

Before Jack went for his nap the other day, he was obviously told I was coming over for a visit.
A little while after I arrived, we could see him on the monitor waking up and asking for Mummy. When she went up I could hear their conversation... it brought such a smile to my face. SO CUTE. His first question upon waking was:

"Can I show Joanne the trees, Mummy?"

I wish I would wake up with the same enthusiasm for anything.

So that's what we did... went to the trees and fascinating they were!

Phone pics...



One of my favorite things about being back home is getting to watch Jack grow up and what an amazing little boy he is turning out to be. Apart from being SO gorgeous, he is so caring, affectionate, loving, has the best sense of humor already!! He's an amazing child!!!

A few weeks ago, I took these pictures... he's about to be a big brother too!

Have a great week!! Live it through the eyes of a child!


  1. What a wonderful post. Children are so precious and are so honest. We lose so much when we get older through our experiences of life. I wish we could all see life through a child's eye. Jack seems like an amazing boy. Enjoy! Congrats on your new member to the family!