Monday, 16 July 2012

Sisters Time (and other happenings)

Sometimes our time together is very limited with both of us working shift work... often times, days go by where we haven't seen eachother, sometimes we pass eachother in the doorway - one coming in from work, one going out.
Last week we finally had a few days off together so decided to spend some quality sisters time.

We went for dinner at the Westin Hotel, Dublin and finally got a chance to catch up.

These desserts were amazing... it was the best chocolate mousse I've ever had! Perfect consistency, little chocolate bits in it....YUM... !
The drink was a double expresso with chocolate and sugar on the inside of the glass. I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but  you could put chocolate on anything for me and I will like it. (Serious chocaholic)

The Presidential Suite at the Westin

Got my hair done this week too... normal looking do for a few days before the curls come back to say hello.

 Orchids at work...

After a hard week, I decided I would treat myself to a bath. Candles, bubbles, music, and a bath bomb!

The Mickey Mouse shower cap was used so as not to ruin the hair!
It was the only shower cap in the household, and one which looks like it had been saved since our first trip to Disney!

Less than a week till I'm on my holidays from work...yahoooo!

Have a good week to everyone... Goodnight

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  1. thank you for the lovely blog!! love you lots, see you in few days for a holiday de-brief!! xxx