Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Celebrating America

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Today, I'm remembering all of my amazing friends in the US...   all the 4th of July's I've celebrated there in the last 16 years. I'm remembering all the unbelievable experiences I've had there, and all the people I've shared them with.

In the past, I had the opportunity to go on many vacations there, I jumped at the opportunity to go to university and play college tennis. I was then given the chance to work in two incredibly beautiful places to start of my career.
Between room mates and team mates, co-workers and class mates - I met some of the most special people in my life - people I will never EVER forget, and people I hope will ALWAYS be a part of my life.

America really is the land of opportunity.  I've met people from ALL over the world searching for new experiences, and with the hopes of bettering their lives in some way. People from America (obviously), Argentina, Poland, Mexico, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Italy, Chile, Philippines, Australia, Singapore, Suriname, England, Turkey, Denmark, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Germany, Jamaica, Moldova, ok...this list could go on and on...... but you get my point!
People who have shared with me their lives, their traditions and culture and allowed me share mine with them.

This post is dedicated to all the amazing people I've met in the US, and also to the people who have shared the same amazing experience and know what I am talking about- what a chance we've been given!!

Although this year, I am not celebrating it there, my heart is still with all the people I love and miss. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!

The song I've been listening to lately fits well with this post so..enjoy.
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  1. I love this!!

  2. Cheers and belated Happy 4th of July to everyone in the U.S.

    1. Thanks so much! Thanks for following my blog:)