Saturday, 9 June 2012


Milano! City of fashion, fame, and 7eur cans of coke...

Purses a lot lighter, we have returned to Dublin which once seemed like the most expensive city on the planet. Oh, were those thoughts smashed to pieces in Milan. Where the meter in the taxi starts at 6EUR (before moving an inch), where a can of coke costs more than a dinner and where shopping could cause SERIOUS bankruptcy in one foul swoop!

We stayed at the Four Seasons and were treated like absolute royalty (probably because most the people that go there ARE royalty) The staff were amazing, room - magnificent,  location-perfect... food-beautiful...we couldn't have asked for more.

Loved these

Out on the streets of Milan... pretty beautiful...


One day, we decided to take the train up to Lake Como. With our minimal Italian, we were prepared for the worst - missing trains,  ending up in the wrong place etc. but to our complete surprise, we did it with ease!

Hoping we were heading in the right direction

 On the way over....

Although it was beautiful, and the sight-seeing and photo taking was great for the first few hours, we didn't think there was much else there to entertain us until.............

Danger, Danger

We decided to rent a boat and go out onto the lake! It definitely MADE the day!! Neither of us had driven a speed boat before. After signing our life away, we walked apprehensively down the boardwalk and onto to boat! In my head the whole time was : How the hell are they letting us take this boat out alone?
After a lot of "It's going to be fine...we're going to be's going to be fine....they wouldn't let us go out if it wasn't fine" we put the boat in gear and pulled out.
We both, at least I thought, it was going to be a slow 'speed' boat.... to my delight, and Jacqueline's horror; it was not!

It was SO beautiful!!! Surrounded by mountains with houses dotted all around them (including George Clooney's) George was disappointed to have missed us (he was out of town!)

We survived! (And more importantly, so did the boat)

It was a great four days, hopefully to be repeated. We met some lovely people so a big thanks to everyone who made it so great.

Back to the norm least for a  little while...

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  1. Thanks a lot for your comment. It's so nice and I have such a big smile in my face :)
    *sry - my English isn't so good*
    And by the way I want to say I like the pictures of Italy. OMG - that's the place I wanted to be now.