Thursday, 15 December 2011

Countdown to Christmas

  • Christmas tree (real one!) bought and put up - check
  • House decorated - check
  • Presents bought - check
  • Visitors on the way (including Santa) - check
  • Days requested off work - check
  • Flights to Tenerife booked - check
  • Freezing cold outside, snow on the way - check
  • Lots of time infront of the fire - check 
  • Lots of dinners and get togethers planned - check
  • Impossible to walk in town without getting belted by someone elses shopping bag - check
  • Christmas cards and presents arriving in the mail - check
All of this equals an excited Joanne! 

Everything in the city is decorated... the Christmas Starbucks cups are out again, Christmas lights are on from 16.30 when it is already dark. It's impossible to leave the house without 3 layers of clothes on and a hat and even then you feel the cold... everyone around is in good Christmas spirits and of course, Christmas music playing in every shop and radio station...

Let's remember we go together

 And so the decorating finally began...

Every Christmas we open the lights to find most of them are NOT working! This year was no different and we had a mad panic to get new sets so we could finally decorate the bare tree!

Some of the working lights(!) plus a small part of the presents!!
We've had these lights since I was a baby and every year I worry they won't work anymore, but once again, they light up! Definitely my favorites!

 I am now ALMOST organized and looking forward to a special visitor tomorrow for a few days...welcome to Dublin, Lydiuch!!! :)

Have a good night and happy Christmas countdown!

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