Friday, 14 October 2011

Animal Kingdom

This week I went back to Disney World with one of my best friends, Maggie, aka Maglet/Whale/Moo - the list really does go on. We had the best time!!! I hadn't been to Animal Kingdom in over ten years, and Maggie had never been to Disney World before (for shame!) so it was a super exciting 2 days in Orlando!
Disney World is a very special place for me, with A LOT of happy memories, and there are not many people I would want to share it with. Maggie has been one of my greatest friends since our first year of university together. We were room mates for 2 years, team mates for 3 years and friends for 5 years. She knows EVERYTHING about me..the good, the bad and the ugly. There's a saying that goes something like

" You'll always be my friend, you know way too much"
Welcome to Disney!!! 

Tree of life
I loved this land.. they had one of the best rides - Expedition Everest; a roller coaster that goes backwards into the dark and a huge drop. We shared a look of panic when we started to go backwards, remembering the huge climb we had just done - thinking we would plumit about 80 feet the wrong way!! Thankfully, that did not happen! Asia also had all these cool murals and at some parts, really made you feel as if you were walking through a small road in Thailand.

Another thing we really enjoyed in the park was the Lion King show. I remember loving it when I was a child; the music, the colors, the dancing and singing and it was still just as good to this day. Even though we were absolutely freezing in the giant and packed auditorium, we were loving every second of the performance.

These guys were amazing!!!
I am now left singing " I just can't wait to be king" ...

Another highlight of the trip was the safari into the "African Plains" It was unbelievable! We went out on a safari truck and drove right by every dangerous animal imaginable! At one point we were stopped next to a rhino who was about 30 feet away on my side of the truck and staring right at us! I was picturing him charging at us, horn first! I asked Maggie if she thinks they had guns (like you would in a regular safari) ... but we couldn't imagine the employees of  Walt Disney World would be carrying rifles around. Oh well. Here's hoping no one ever pisses one of these guys off!

Spot Dumbo!
We survived!!!!!

We had such a great day and we couldn't have been more excited for our next adventure: Magic Kingdom.

For now, I'll leave you with this...

Have a great day!!! 

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