Friday, 22 July 2011

They're Always After Me Lucky Charms

Love will find its way

After eight years away, I am back living in Ireland. Don't ask me how I feel about it because I am completely torn part of me is very happy to be back with my family, the other half is broken; leaving behind some amazing people. I am definitely living under the philosophy that: if you are meant to be with someone, you will end up with that person. I never believed in Fate before...but he does, so now I have to. That also goes for friends - if they are as special as you imagined them to be, then they will always be in your life. If they weren't, I guess they will slowly start to disappear. I am going to share some pictures I've taken of Ireland last summer when I was visiting, and more recent photos too. It is SUCH a beautiful country when the sun is shining, and that is when I try to take most of my pictures.   
Ahhhh blue sky!
Fields of gold...
I LOVE this pic!!! :)

I didn't mean to get this pic...I don't think I even saw the woman there, but after I saw it, I loved it!
Ashford Castle for my Birthday

These are some of my favourite typically Irish pictures I've taken. Not professional AT ALL, but I just liked the scenery! I plan to start taking photography classes and then there should be a vast improvement in my photo-taking skills! For now, I'm afraid you're all stuck with this! 
Like I said before, I LOVE when there is a blue sky in Ireland, because that, against the green grass and hills makes for such nice photographs. I just wish I could take better ones!! If you've never been to the Emerald Isle, you have to come in May. For whatever reason, it's normally the best month weather-wise. When I was living away, I barely noticed the weather from one day to the next (probably because it was always good!). Now though, whenever it's nice out, I'm like " Yessssssssssss, let's get some photos!!"  

Slight interruption everyone!! If anyone IS actually bothering to read my dribble, I need some help!! I am trying to play around with the size of my pictures - when I upload them here, it brings them up small, when I actually want to upload them as close to original size as possible. If someone knows how I can change the size(make it bigger), without altering the quality of the image, I'd really appreciate it if you left me a comment! Many thanks!!! :) Now back to some more (oddly sized) pictures... 

Overall, one of the best things about Ireland is the people. Unfortunately Dublin has become like most other big cities, everyone is so caught up in their own heads, and not much attention is payed to the surroundings. However, it's still like the old times in a lot of places 'down the country.' People say hi when walking past, everyone knows everyone in small towns, gossip is spread, rumours are nurtured, but bonds are formed and friendships made. Driving from Dublin to the countryside is always fun! You never know what you might see. You may run into a heard of cattle crossing the road (what seems like, by themselves), you may also be driving alongside dozens of kamikaze sheep,  and there are huge possibilites of finding yourself heading down a one-way street, facing a tractor coming the other way. You will drive past a LOT of farms-you'll smell them before you see them, lot's of little fruit and veg markets, lots of old ruins, and hundreds of little colourful towns!

Cows, cows, cows
These ice-creams used to be called '99s' -as in 99p, now they're about 2euro!!! (But worth it!)

One of the things I missed most about Ireland when I was gone was the sweets!!!!! In the US especially, chocolate or crisps or any sweets really, are not the same! I realize some of these are not Irish made, but you can't get them in the States, Tunisia, Spain, or anywhere I've lived! These are some of my old faves...yum!!

French Fancies- amazing!!!

Ok, I know this definitely isn't Irish, but WHO doesn't like Nutella? Embarassing fact: I like to eat this with a spoon!!
This was my Easter present! Whenever any shop had these in the States, I used to stock up!! I even got him to like them!!!

This year I celebrated my 24th birthday at Ashford Castle with my sister. It was SO beautiful there!! We had an amazing dinner, went FALCONING (!), explored the castle grounds, took a boat trip, got massages and listened to about fifty 85-year olds sing Irish songs until 2 in the morning! 

Rapunzel? I think not.
Before our massages

This was fun! Something I probably never would have done if I hadn't visited Ashford Castle

Being home also lets me spend time with my extended family, like my cousins, which is brilliant!!! I am so happy I get to see JD, one of my cousins son, growing up! He is the cutest little thing and I love when I get to spend time with them.
Tiny hands...
Tiny shoes...
Tiny feet
"Smile for the picture..."

Some other random pictures. I mostly seem to take my camera out when I go somewhere with my sister. I don't like bothering other people with it since my habit of snapping away, seems to be becomming more intense!!

Long distance love...

Well... I have had this blog ready to go for months, but for some reason, never got around to posting it.I will try to use this much more now, I feel like I need to'document' things going on in my life at the moment, since there is SO much! Some good things, and unfortunately some bad things too. I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster at the moment, but worryingly, with more lows than highs.

Anyway, this blog is not going to be about moaning, it's going to be about embracing life while we can! Enjoy!! Goodnight!


  1. beautiful pictures :) not the ones of me personally..but in general beautiful! keep up the good "snapping" just try direct the lense away from my mush..hard i know haha xxx

  2. Guauuu!!! I need to take a look to your blog more often!! It made me feel like I can share and understand you much better by reading your posts and enjoying the beautiful pictures!! Thanks a lot for the nice comment on my big day! I love you and I love having you as my friend!! Talk to you soon!!!

  3. When I need my photos in a particular format, I open my WP blog or LJ blog and upload the photo in a new post. In the photo editors they have you can format your photo so as you wish. Than I copy the code of the photo and post it in other site or blog.

  4. Thank you! I must try that. I figured out a way, but they are still not perfect..