Tuesday, 14 May 2013

What's Been Happening

One month ago, 13th April, I celebrated my 26th birthday and since then I can't help thinking I am growing up...NOOOOOOO. Serious job/career, wanting to buy my first home, getting my Irish drivers licence, surrounding myself with pretty awesome people, both near and far, came to the realisation I need a proper night sleep to function correctly, as well as the realisation that if I continue to eat as much sugar I do, I will probably have developed diabetes by my 27th birthday!
To add to this, I have developed quite a serious Pinterest addication.

http://pinterest.com/joeypower/ --> My future is being mapped out there!

My birthday

At home with two of my favorite ladies on this planet.

 At work

First Aid Training at work


Hello CPR....AH AH AH AH staying alive, staying alive... 

Love my long distance loves... 

Skype with Belu and Facetime with Maggie in the past 2 days

Today I got to have a mummy and Joanne day.
Lunch, a drive and some pictures...

Have a good week everyone!

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