Friday, 12 April 2013

What's Been Happening

I've been travelling so much lately, it seems like I haven't written a post about what's going on here in months.

I've been working a lot of PM shifts lately which means starting work at 15:00 and finishing at "23.30" ! PMs are good from the point of view you get to sleep on in the morning (and if you know me, you know how much that appeals to me!) The problem with that is, all I feel like I do is sleep, eat, work and sleep again.

On the rare occassions something else happens...this is it:

Two weeks ago one of my best friends went to Chernobyl to visit on of the children's orphanages.This is the video of her trip CLICK HERE - when you see this, you will realise what a moving, life changing experience it was. Most of those poor children live a quality of life worse than what might appear in our worst nightmares. With the nucleur disaster of 1986, the people of Belarus continue to live with the devestating effects.
You just feel so helpless thinking about it - what can you do to change the past?
I sent over a few little things for the children with Dearbhla. But what can you get for children that can't hear/see/have no limbs/mentally ill etc etc.
If these brought even the tiniest bit of happiness, that is good enough.

(Most of these are phone pics)

Horse Riding
On a happier note, last week we went horse riding for team building at work. We went up to the top of the snow-covered Dublin Mountains. It was beautiful! All was going smoothly until my horse decided to slip and fall, mid - climb.
He went on his butt, and I was left hanging on for dear life to the saddle!

Easter at the hotel
Easter is always a nice time at the hotel. The place is full of children and chocolate. Unfortuntely this year as I was working , there was a lot less chocolate for the kids.

For us!

They were completely hand painted egg shells. I didn't get to take a proper picture of the Easter Tree while it was in the lounge - there were always guests next to it- but at least I caught it before it was dismantled.

I did manage to catch the Easter Bunny!

We have been enjoying the fact the days are getting longer, and lately much sunnier.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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