Wednesday, 27 March 2013

To Galway We Go

The adventures of Joanne and Dearbhla continue... 

This time, back to Galway for a sporting St. Patrick's Day weekend.
Dearbh picked me up after work Friday of last week, we stocked up on goodies and drove straight to Galway, both a bit wrecked after an early start, and a long day of work. 

We checked into our hotel, then headed straight out to the city for dinner and a good catch up.

Look how good she is to perfect breakfast:

Apart from the fine dining at the hotel (see above), we watched the snooker, did lots of eating out, went exploring and of course shopping. There are pretty much no pictures at the event, mainly because I have such a fear my camera will click or flash in the middle of a frame and I'd be escorted out of the building. No thanks. No picture is worth that.

We drove around in a convertible.
First time she took the hood down in her new car and it was 4C outside!
Here she is. (You couldn't see me because I was under two hoods.)
Embarrassingly, we were spotted and later asked if we were 'the girls in the convertible.'

A bit of shopping

One of my favorite stores, Born, is in Galway city (don't think there's any left in Dublin) so I took advantage of that, while Dearbhla took full advantage of her perfect shop.

If Dearbhla could be a shop, she'd be this one.

St. Patrick's Day Fun...
Galway City is a messy fun place to be on Paddy's Day.  From midday, you can see the young people (yes, I am that old, I am referring to 18/19/20 year olds as young people) outside the pubs already well into their 17th March celebrations. Not exactly a pretty sight, but it's only, ehhh, once a year.

Besides that, the city of Galway is so full of atmosphere.

Pre-final champagne reception

Hope everyone had a nice St. Patrick's Day weekend!

Have a good week!


  1. How fun! And that breakfast? Dearbhla has excellent taste! ;-) LOL! Love "traveling" with you!

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  2. Wonderful pictures! That chocolate breakfast looks great to me. ☺

    Happy Easter!

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