Friday, 15 February 2013

Poland {Part 1}

39. Visit Asia in Poland  {100 Things List}

Living most of the time away from your closest friends isn't fun. You miss out on the girls nights, gossips, spur of the moment coffees, and just calling around for a chat.
But when finally reunited, it's the best feeling!
You realise the months of phonecalls, facebook messages, texts, Viber, Skypes, Whatsapps keep you almost as close as if you lived next door - That you pretty much know all the gossips, have spur of the moment coffees (over skype) and do just call for a chat.


Out for a stroll in the snow - my first time EVER seeing so much {I was pretty over-excited!}

I was trying to do a 'cool' picture of me throwing the snow up in the air...apparently I did not have the correct technique...
Points for trying?? Zero.

And GO! 

I didn't realise how unbelievably painful ones hands get after touching snow in -17C.
So, apart from getting snow in my eyes, hair, and down the back of my jacket, my hands felt like there were knives in them.
Joanne: 0 / Hypothermia: 1 
I'm not one to give up though...


Thankfully, not long before the risk of frostbite would have set in, we arrived at a little log cabin in the middle of the woods.
Relaxing by the fire with a hot chocolate; I felt like I was in a movie!

I told you I wouldn't give up...


Joanne: 0 / Hypothermia: 2

Game over; winner: Hypothermia! 

It was time to go home and defrost!

Have a great weekend everyone

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