Monday, 17 December 2012

El Civil de Belu & Marce

Blue skies, 30degrees, bikinis....I'm not in Dublin anymore!!
I'm starting this post while I'm literally cooking on the roof terrace of Belu's home in downtown Buenos Aires. The only noise is of birds chirping and my blood boiling from the intense heat up here.
Things are looking up now but my trip across two continents certainly did not start well.

The morning I was due to travel, I woke up with severe food poisoning or an infection I caught from hospital. (My mum was in for a week and I had been in visiting her every day.) After trying desperatly to cancel my flights 20 minutes before having to leave the house, I was carted around the airport in a wheelchair with a plastic bag on my lap and a large bottle of agua. No fun.

The pain continued over 2 continents... up until the very last flight from Philadelphia to Miami where I was sat next to an extremely loud man who felt it necessary to tell me all about his male lovers, his racist beliefs,and his incessidant drug abuse since he was 15. At this point, after 15 hours of travelling, SICK, I just wanted to shut up and close my eyes for the plane journey to FL... it couldn't have been more opposite of that. Anyway...24 hours later,  I finally arrived to Argentina - feeling queezy, but at that point, more so from the conversation on the plane the night before!

Beluchis and her dad met me at the airport and we went home so the celebrations can finally begin.

On Tuesday, the civil ceremony for the wedding took place...a quick reading and back to the house for a garden gathering...

Reunited after 3 years
 After 5 years, I have also been able to catch up with Lesley-Anne again. We went to FGCU together and played on the same tennis team... she is one of Belu's closest friends and it has been so nice to be reunited after all this time...

La Pareja

Most people's first kiss might be on the lips, or even on the cheek or the forehead. Not these two... 

Reinacting their 1st kiss!

They got past it...

Cute things and cute people...

Belu and her Mami

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Friend,

    I can not say in words how happy I am to have you here in such a special moment of my life. It means so much to me!! I will be always thanksful for evrything you have done to share with us our Wedding day!

    By the way, I absolutly love this post, you are a great photographer!! I am looking it with my aunt Claudia and she is very impressed as well.

    Thank you, thank you and more thank yous!!

    Love you so much!

    Belu (or Mrs. Marzoratti as some people like to call me now hahaha)

    1. Beluchina! It was so amazing to share your special day with you! I love you so much Mrs. Marzoratti, and your hubby is pretty cool too:-)

  2. I would also want to thank you although we don't know each other. I'm Sandra, Belu's aunt, the one who couldn't make it to share with Belén the most important day in her life. I enjoyed the reading and the photos, it was kind of having been there that day. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Sandra! I'm so glad you could enjoy some of the photos...I'm sure you will see many more in the days to come! I will be posting more of the wedding here too very soon. Thanks for visiting my blog!