Friday, 25 May 2012

What's Been Happening

It's FINALLY summer in Dublin... it started yesterday and will probably end in 4 days..but it's OK because right now, the sun is shining! Everyone around is happier...people singing in the street, laughing eyes everywhere, summer wardrobes out, people walking around town with their 99s, and long days where it's bright out till 10pm.

Lots of good things happening at the moment, an engagement in the family, Milan on the weekend with my sister, planning trips to Tunisia in the summer and taking one of my best friends Dearbhla with me, planning my visit to Argentina in December for my best friends wedding and so much more!!

It's coming up to my one year anniversary in work...I just cannot believe how fast the time has passed. I think I will have an anniversary celebrate achievements and the people I've met over the past year. I have been given a lot of opportunities and continue to be given more so I am trying to enjoy every moment of the craziness!!!
 So crazy, in fact, I have not seen the gym in almost 3 weeks and my getting back on the tennis court has been postponed. (Not for too much longer, I hope)

My life right now is all about changes, growth and innovation; both inside and outside of work. I am part of a small innovation team at the Four Seasons, we have already held a few different events in the hotel for the staff and it's been going well. There has been A LOT of preparation, time, energy and more time given!! Most days I feel there are just not enough hours to get things done and live a life outside of the job. But I guess over this past year, I have realised that life outside is more important - your health, happiness, and the happiness of the people you love. If I can have a balance between the two, I will be a happy person. I have also realised it's important to spend time and MAKE time for the people you want in your life.
With that in mind, I have been incredibly busy on my days off... 

Last month, one of my best friends became the Meath Rose and I was so happy I could share such a special ocassion with her and her family. Dearbhla has been  my best friend in Ireland since we were very young and it made me so incredibly happy to see her so happy and her family so proud...

Bluewater Innovation

Busy few weeks and more to come!!! 

Outside of work has been a bit manic too, but good kind of manic. I was in London with Jacqueline last week where we got to do a bit of shopping and had some theatre time. We went to see Wicked and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Where we were told by the Concierge to 'come back later because he was in the middle of something complicated' !!!!!! 

Loving London... 

We ran into these guys on our shopping spree..they were opening the new Hollister!

After a long walk in the rain, at the Four Seasons, Park Lane

At the theatre...

As usual, I had an amazing trip with my sister.

Last weekend we went up to the market in Howth. I couldn't believe how packed it was! They were selling everything from fudge to jewellery, to chinese food to breads.. I love those random kinds of places!

After another busy week, we are getting ready to go to Milan! One more day of work and then off for the weekend. Bring it on!

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