Monday, 2 April 2012

Let the Detox Begin

Tuesday April 3rd 

After quite an unhealthy few months I have decided it's time to do a full detox.

My new years resolution was to become a healthier person. I joined a gym and have started running and working out again so that part is going...errr.great.  (Although this past two weeks have been full of overnight shifts, my energy and motivation for the gym is seriously lacking)

Ok. I have seen real full-on detoxes that last weeks - I don't think I have the willpower!  I did find a sort of amateur detox which lasts 7 days so I'm going for it. 

The diet includes lots.....LOTS of fruit and vegetables, drinking a lot of water which is weird for me - I could go weeks without having a full glass of water, maybe I store it up like a camel, lots of fish, brown rice, certain noodles, oats, seeds (I am beginning to sound like a rabbit) ...and that's pretty much it.

NO sugar
NO dairy
NO sweets
NO crisps
NO meet
NO caffeine

THIS LIST, unfortunately, goes on and on. 

I will finish just in time for my visitors to get here when, I'm sure, I will reverse all the good of the detox!

If anyone knows me, and knows the ridiculous amount of crap I eat, knows just how HARD this is going to be for me!



  1. Mmmm....cheese burgers...

  2. Love the close up of the Red Split Lentils. Really does it for me..!

  3. Why does your blog keep making me prove that I'm not a robot? Everythime I try to leave a comment it makes me prove it by typing unusual words that my robot, ahem, I mean "human" brain can't understand. I know I'm devoid of emotions and there is that unusual humming sound coming from me, but my robot feelings are getting hurt [:,(] Sad robot face!
    Ok, promise I'll stop commenting on your blog now!
    Love you!!

    1. Jenster....ohh Jenster- did you come up with that name recently or have you had this blog profile since you were 14?? :) Or maybe that was Sean's doing? I can't even open your profile, I guess you have it on extra private to hide it from people like me... ;) Love you!!!