Thursday, 29 March 2012

Our Galway Adventure

The realities of life are sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. Sometimes they push us to do silly things, and sometimes they push us to do great things. Last weekend, Dearbhla and I decided to do a great silly thing! We took a trip to Galway to visit a friend of mine, do a bit of shopping,  and celebrate St. Patrick's day.

Dearbhla and I have been friends since we were about 10 years old - even though she never misses an opportunity to tell people I was the cause of her twisting her ankle badly. Ok, I was... but it was an accident!!! Everything we do together ends up being an adventure (hense the title of this post) and this trip was no different.

We drove down on Friday morning after I came off an overnight shift. We stayed in an old style castle hotel just outside of Galway city. It was surrounded by acres of green fields, much of which we didn't have time to explore. We dropped our bags and went straight to the tournament where we enjoyed a great evening and night out. It had been a long while since I had been 'out out' and we had lots of fun!

The second day we spent shopping and at the snooker, and out again that night. The evening (and when I say evening, I mean morning) saw us dining in the finest restaurant Galway has to offer - Chicken Lickin'...later known to us as just 'lickin'. We were even given a VIP room on the top floor where we wouldn't be bothered... AND they so kindly left us (possibly 1 week old) chicken basket leftovers incase we finished ours too quickly) We had the pleasure of watching the locals wolfing down their SO LOVED chicken wings, and we watched people doing impressions of us 'fishing' for salmon... I really wish I could go into more detail!!!!

It had been a while since I had laughed so much and had such fun, it was well needed! The fact I had to work Sunday afternoon after practically no sleep, didn't matter after such a great weekend! Discretion is being used with these pictures....but here is some of our Galway adventures...

Our hotel

Orient Express dinner carriage
It's so old, we thought we saw a ghost??

 Old castle style...
I love the feel of these kinds of places... stepping back into medieval times... sort of......

Dearbhla on her favorite green chair

 Health freak V. Chocaholic..

Aladearbh V.AnneJo.

Fourteen years of friendship already...

May there be another 50 years of adventures...and we know where it will continue...!!

 Love you Dearbh!!!